START! Certification

The START! programme recognises and encourages the development of food safety systems in small sites.

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Food Safety Certification for small to medium-sized business.

UK Food Certification can also conduct audits to START! This Standard is targeted at smaller sites looking to achieve recognition of their food safety systems.

You can find more information about START! here.

If the full requirements of a food safety standard are not practical or do not add value, your site may benefit from BRCGS START!

The START! programme recognises and encourages the development of food safety systems in small sites where food safety management systems are immature. Developed in line with the full Food Safety Global Standard and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Global Markets programme, it is recognised and supported by many leading brands and retailers.

BRCGS START! gives you a clear path towards improved food safety standards as you grow.

Case Studies

To learn more about the START! programme and the benefits they may bring to your organisation, you can review the case studies from companies certificated by UK Food Certification below.

The Pie Life

Douglas Willis Ltd

Other Standards offered by UK Food Certification

Food Safety Standard

The BRCGS Standard for Food Safety, was the first Standardto be recognised by GFSI in 2000 and now at issue 9.


Certification to the BRCGS Plant-Based standard enables sites to respond to the evolving demands of their customers.


BRGCS’s Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) uses a scientifically proven, risk-based management systems approach for effectively controlling gluten and gluten cross-contamination from incoming ingredients to the final product.

AOECS Standard for Gluten-Free Foods

UK Food Certification are currently being onboarded with Coeliac UK and The Coeliac Society of Ireland as a certification body to undertaken AOECS Standalone and GFSI addendum audits.

Your path to certification

application icon process

01. Application

Request and complete our application form, following which we can determine your audit duration and audit costs.
Audit planning process icon

02. Audit Planning

Discuss and confirm your audit date, and receive your formal audit notification and invoice.
the audit process icon

03. The Audit

The audit takes place on-site. If there are any findings, these will be discussed with you as they
are found.
corrective planning process icon

04. Corrective Planning

Corrective actions for any non-conformities to be submitted to us within 28 days of the audit for review and close out.
certification process icon

05. Certification

If corrective actions are satisfactory, your grade will be determined and your certification and audit report
will be issued.


If you are new to the assessment process for any of the Standards provided by UK Food Certification and are looking to have certification against the Standard, you may wish to consider a pre-assessment. These visits can be beneficial as our assessors will identify aspects of the Standard that you may not be conforming to, giving you the ability and time to prepare ahead of your full certificated assessment.

Pre-assessment enquiry